Handspan Theatre

Trina's love affair with puppetry and puppet making started more than 20 years ago at Handspan Theatre. She learnt from company members while working on the following productions:

processional works Held on the Breath of the Wind, Swim, and Enrapture

Tonight Ideas Take Flight (1995) river processional co-production with Circus Oz

Daze of Our Lives (1995)

Minds Eye (1996) co-production with Back to Back Theatre

Visible Darkness (1996) creative development

Dante: through the invisible (1996)

Slow Down Cuz (1997)

Raised By Wolves (1997) 

Lift ‘Em UP Socks (2000)

Synaesthesia Project (2000) creative development with the MSO

Miss Tanaka (2001)


Polyglot Theatre

Trina has had a long association with Polyglot and designed the following work for the company:

The Floating Zoo (2001) puppet ensemble for Chookahs Children’s Festival at the Victorian Arts Centre

The Noise Factory (2002) for the Mallacoota Arts Festival

Head Hunter (2005) a co-production with Ilbijeri Theatre

the ants for ANTS (2012) at Federation Square

Trailblazer (2013), Polyglot’s interactive installation for MIFA at Federation Square.

Trina worked as a puppet maker on shows including Stop That House! (2003), Baggy Pants (2004), Checkout! (2010), Tangle (2011) and Cerita Anak (2016)

As an artist in residence with Polyglot’s extended artists in schools program, Trina was the designer for Grit (2013) and Shadow Bus (2014)


Other companies Trina has worked for include:

Malcolm C. Cooke - The Hobbit (2000)The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (2002)

Windmill Theatre co. - Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge (2002)

Melbourne Workers Theatre – Yanagai Yanagai (2003)

Aphids Theatre - A Quarrelling Pair (2004)

Snuff Puppets – Nyet Nyet's Picnic (2003), the 5th World Social Forum (2005)  Porto Alegre, Brazil

Walking With Spirits community festival (2003 – 2007) Beswick, Northern Territory

Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony, Melbourne (2006)

Ilbijerri Theatre - Sisters of Gelam (2009)

Westside Circus - Ugly (2010)

Terrapin Theatre - Big Baby (2014)

City of Melbourne - Moomba (2013 - 2017)